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Our Circular Economy Report

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At Gumtree we believe in building a sustainable future and a culture of recommerce, a world where we share more and waste less.

We’ve been working hard developing our first ever Circular Economy Report and since the beginning of the year have spoken to thousands of Brits (over 5000 to be exact) to find out how we can help them unlock the value of the secondhand economy.

As part of the report, we took a closer look at the motivations behind buying and selling secondhand, to examine what’s driving the circular economy forward in 2023 and beyond.

Now, in the midst of a climate and cost of living crisis our platform has never had a bigger role to play. Packed full of rich insight and data, our study showcases the ease with which you can make money from the platform or start that side hustle as extra income. As well as a win for our pockets, trading unwanted items with our local communities can save these items from going to landfill protecting the planet and our pounds at the same time!

Whats more, we’ve teamed up with consumer champion Kate Hardcastle to provide exclusive expert advise and insight on how everyone can make the circular economy work for them.

Some of the report highlights include*:

We could all make an average of £186 by selling our unwanted items (£10 billion pounds in the UK)
Nearly half of us (45%) agree that engaging in the secondhand economy is an effective way to become more sustainable
Giving items a second life (57%), decluttering (52%) and saving items from landfill (49%) were cited as the top reasons for selling previously owned items
Mobile phones (17%) and video games and consoles (17%) are among the most popular tech items the nation is planning to sell this year
Close to half (49%) of us are planning to purchase more secondhand items in the future
The secondhand economy is so much more than transactions, it’s a place where communities can come together, freebies can be found, connections forged and where that Good Find feeling is found. So, to find out what items could make you the most money in 2023 download the full report by the pink button above.

*Methodology Research conducted by Censuswide in the UK between 16th January 2023 and 23rd January 2023 of 5,000 nationally representative consumers aged 16+. Censuswide abides by and employs members of the Market Research Society which is based on the ESOMAR principles.

Source *Average Brit has £186.35 of unwanted items to sell x 54,098,971 (ONS 2019 mid-year UK 16+ population) = £10,081,105,210.73

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