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Upcycling Projects for Kids

Trending on Gumtree

It can certainly be a challenge to keep kids entertained at weekends and in the school holidays, especially with the not-so-predictable British weather. So, why not plan a fun and creative project to do together? Upcycling is trendy, environmentally friendly, and won't break the bank, especially if you plan in advance. Here are some simple projects where the kids can turn some raw materials into something that feels brand-new.

Creating a personalised and magical space for their books could inspire children to read more. You could make a bookcase by stacking some crates and then painting them to match their room. You could even go for a fantasy theme. There are also lots of pre-loved bookshelves on Gumtree that simply need a little sanding down and a bit of colourful decoration to get a whole new lease of life.

Chalk paint furniture
A second-hand vintage desk or bedside table could be transformed into something fabulous with the help of some chalk paint. If you’re not sure what to do, there are many images and tutorials online to give you some inspiration. Chalk paint is great to use with children as it’s totally washable and great for damage limitation.

Action figure lamps
Old toys don’t need to be thrown away – you can keep your favourites forever and give them a new purpose by using them to personalise a bedroom lamp. You could start by sourcing a lamp base on Gumtree and then glueing your action figures to it. Once you’ve created a retro-looking base and the glue has dried, you can spray-paint it to match the kids’ room.

Children love to display their artwork, so making a special pegboard for them to do just that can be a fun project. One method is to cut some bed slats to size, paint them, aged them with dark wax, and stick the pegs on with a super-strong bond. You could write your child’s name on them or just let their imaginations go wild with decoration.

Whatever your wonderful upcycling ideas, Gumtree is packed with useful items to bring your dream projects to life. Our simple guide on how to get started with upcycling is great for advice. When upcycling with kids, the key is to pick a simple project with easily visible results and plenty of colour to stop them from getting bored. Why not head to Gumtree and find some old furniture seeking a new home near you?

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