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Based on usage history, ratings and expert testing, Gumtree’s advice can help you discover the best cars for your lifestyle and budget. Our comprehensive guides cover everything there is to know about purchasing and selling pre-owned cars, from research to financing options.

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Debunking UK Driving Laws

Is it really illegal to drive with the light on? Take a look at some of the UK driving laws you never knew existed

UK car laws

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Secure online car payments

Gumtree aims to make finding the right car for your needs and budget an exciting, hassle-free journey. That’s why we’ve partnered with Online Payment Platform (OPP) to bring you a new payments system – to make it even easier when buying your next car from a private seller via Gumtree.

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Find the right price-point for your car with our recommendations backed by exhaustive data.

Most popular car tax, MOT and insurance guides

Get to grips with all the important info before you make your next purchase.

Car Insurance A to Z

Ever wondered what insurance jargon actually means? Take a look at our handy guide on…

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Delve into our archives and please your inner petrol-head, or simply research all about the latest car tech before you buy.

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Packed with info, our driving guides can help you find the perfect balance between fun and functionality.

Car Brakes Explained

Your brakes are perhaps your car's most important feature. Read our handy guide to understand…

How to Tow a Caravan

1. Make sure you have the right licence Whether or not you are legally allowed…

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Fuel Type Guide

It's no longer a simple choice between petrol and diesel when you pull up to…

What is AdBlue?

If you've bought a diesel car made after 2015, chances are that it may need…

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